The Consciousness/Developmental Phase of the Child Turning Seven

Mình làm bài, sẵn chia sẻ mấy cái mình học được với các bạn luôn heng. Đây là bài viết về trẻ lên sáu (năm thứ bảy của cuộc đời), với các đặc điểm phát triển về thể chất cũng như tinh thần. Bài này chỉ nói ngắn gọn thôi. Và mình cũng chỉ là newbie về Anthroposophy, nên nếu bạn thấy có điểm nào chưa chính xác hoặc cần bổ sung thì nhắn mình với nghen. Cảm ơn bạn ☺️

Unlike the smaller children who still live among the clouds, most six-year-olds move closer to earth, but are still in the expansiveness of Heaven. Kindergarten children’s play is usually inspired by a certain toy or object while the ones in class One can now play without props, and just act out their imagination through long conversations. They have a goal that they want to achieve, although they don’t usually finish it. This is an expression of their own will, because they have started to form inner pictures in their mind, which help them create new things.

They are aware of their own abilities, have their own story and their own way to do the things that they like. However, as the inner pictures grow, the child realizes that they are not capable of practicalizing it and need the help from adults; hence, develop respect for authority.

In their 7th year of life, the child experience very strong physical development – their limbs grow longer and their face elongates. They are also very physically active – they can run, play, knit, skip, etc. all day long.

Along with the birth of the etheric body comes the change of teeth when the child begins to get into their body. This brings to them a sense of independence, being apart from their surroundings, and living much in the presence – they know the concept of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

All the mentioned signs show that the child is ready for school, where they must sit down at a desk, and learn how to read and write and follow instructions. They have a schedule to follow and an authority to obey.

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